Seek legal advice before entering a surrogacy agreement

As with all family law issues, parties involved in surrogacy arrangements are enduring a stressful and emotional journey.  It is important that during this time, the legalities surrounding the surrogacy arrangement are dealt with promptly and with efficiency and consideration for your needs.

Talk to our lawyer who is experienced in surrogacy law

Here at Wiltshire Family Law we have a surrogacy law expert, having dealt with a number of surrogacy arrangement matters since the commencement of the Surrogacy Act 2010 (QLD).  From initial meetings through to the preparation of the necessary arrangement agreement, provision of required independent legal advice and liaising with your fertility specialist prior to conception through to preparation of necessary court documents to obtain Parentage Orders so as to transfer parentage of a child born of a surrogacy arrangement, Wiltshire Family Law can provide you with expert assistance in a timely, cost effective and considerate manner.

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