Wiltshire Family Law practises exclusively in the areas of family and de facto relationship law.

By focusing exclusively on family law, we are to provide specialised service and advice in relation to this challenging and ever changing area. With a team of Accredited Family Lawyers, Nationally Accredited Mediators, Collaborative Lawyers, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, Client Care Managers and highly trained support staff, we can provide the advice and support best suited to achieving the desired outcome.

Legal advice for your future

We believe that strategic advice should be sought in relation to the preparation of binding financial agreements prior to the commencement of cohabitation or marriage. Binding financial agreements are an extremely effective way to regulate and protect your financial affairs if you are living in a same or opposite sex relationship; considering marriage; already married; separated or even after having been divorced.

We’re here to help

In difficult situations involving family and finances it is hard to focus on the path forward. We can arrange a time for you to visit our office and discuss your situation with one of our highly experienced lawyers. During your consultation they will work with you to create a tailored plan and ensure you understand the next steps to take.

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