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About Wiltshire Family Law

Wiltshire Family Law is a specialist family law firm committed to providing high quality family and relationship law advice. We practise exclusively in the areas of family law and de facto law. By focusing only on family law and de facto law, we are able to provide specialised service and advice in relation to this challenging and ever changing legal sphere. A change in a family’s circumstances is an emotionally draining, confusing and traumatic time for our clients. By staying focused on our clients and their specific issues, we are able to provide the advice, support and guidance required to ensure the desired results are achieved.

We Work For The Best Results For You

We work hard assisting our clients achieve their desired results without having to proceed to court for a determination. However, in the event this is not possible, our experienced team of lawyers can represent you in all areas of the family court and associated jurisdictions. By working in conjunction with experts such as forensic accountants, valuers, counsellors, financial planners and other specialised lawyers, Wiltshire Lawyers are able to ensure our family law clients receive the best service and advice available.

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