Achieving a property settlement is difficult even when the partners are on amicable terms with each other, and when your spouse is a bully, this task can seem impossible. However, you should never allow your legal rights to be trampled over. Hiring a good lawyer is a major step towards receiving your fair share in a financial settlement.

The traits of a bully

Divorce is an extremely stressful experience and it’s quite common for people to be unreasonable in their demands towards each other during this time. As emotions usually run wild, making an unbiased judgement of your partner’s ‘bullying capabilities’ is extremely difficult.

Underestimating the scale of the problem you are facing will reduce your chances of achieving a fair settlement. Therefore, you should assess your partner’s behaviour very carefully looking out for the following traits:

  • A wish to control you and the situation
  • Not feeling any remorse over their past and present actions
  • Always looking for someone to blame
  • Lack of forgiveness and empathy
  • Criticising of your every action and decision
  • Emotional manipulation and blackmail
  • Reluctance or outright resistance to compromise
  • Attempts to always present themselves as the ‘good’ person being treated unfairly

Exhibiting any of these traits should set alarm bells ringing in your mind as they are clear indications of an individual who will, most likely, attempt to manipulate or bully you into relinquishing a huge part of your financial claims.

How do I achieve a fair property settlement?

The most important thing to do in order to ensure you get your fair share in any property dispute is to hire an experienced family lawyer. The second most important thing is to put your trust into this person.

Your legal representative will fight for your rights, but it’s you who gets to make the final decision. Therefore, it’s essential to trust in your lawyer’s ability to protect you and your best interests.

Do not allow your emotions to get the best of you as the decisions made regarding the finances in this dispute will definitely have a huge impact on your life as a whole. If you feel apprehension, or even fear, of your spouse, your lawyer will be able to limit your personal interactions to the minimum. The legal representative will also be present during all these meetings to safeguard your interests and rights.

If the case involves a claim of domestic violence, you should seek the assistance of a family lawyer experienced in dealing with this particular branch of law. This specialist will be able to provide you with legal counsel and obtain the necessary restriction orders that will protect you.