Mediation Vs. Going to Court: Which Is the Better Solution?

Separation and divorce are extremely trying experiences. They put you under a huge amount of pressure and your emotions only make it harder to keep a clear head when you face some very important decisions. Many people who find themselves in this situation push for taking their case to court as the pain they are [...]

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Are you Court-Ready? Tips to Prepare for Your Hearing

For many of us, going to court can be an incredibly daunting experience, especially if you have never been before. Often, individuals are so busy focusing on other issues at hand that when the court date actually approaches they feel unprepared and unfocused – which may negatively affect the presentation of their case. If you [...]

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How to tell your children that you are separating

The decision to separate from your partner is never an easy one, and when children are involved it can be even more heartbreaking. While it may seem easier just to move out and not tell your children that you will be living apart, that scenario can actually be an incredibly traumatising experience for them. Here [...]

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Corporate Ladies and Gents Event Coverage April 29th, 2016

There are some great photos in today's Gold Coast Bulletin of the Corporate Ladies & Gents Cocktail Party held on Wednesday night. It was a huge success, thank you all for coming and helping to raise funds for RizeUp Australia. More info to come!

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How to Get a Property Settlement When Your Partner Is a Bully

Achieving a property settlement is difficult even when the partners are on amicable terms with each other, and when your spouse is a bully, this task can seem impossible. However, you should never allow your legal rights to be trampled over. Hiring a good lawyer is a major step towards receiving your fair share in [...]

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Domestic Violence in Australia: Statistics and Solutions

The statistical data on domestic violence in Australia shows that it is one of the most pressing problems in the country. During one of the surveys, it was determined that at least 34% of women who were in a relationship, had experienced some form of violence from their partner (current or previous). Men aren’t spared this fate either, [...]

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How is a parent defined under the Family Law Act?

In recent case of Groth & Banks [2013] FamCA 430, the Family Court was asked to clarify the definition of a parent under the Family Law Act (Cth) after a child was conceived by assisted reproductive technology (“IVF”). Here the Applicant was the person who supplied his genetic material and sought parenting Orders from the Court after the [...]

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What is adjournment?

It is not up to the parties to decide whether a matter is going to be adjourned.  As with all matters before the Court a request has to be made to the Judge or Registrar for the matter to be adjourned. A request to the Court for an adjournment can be made orally (at a [...]

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The Subpoena

Subpoena’s come in all shapes and sizes.  A subpoena can be given to a person (including a business or other entity): to attend Court to give evidence, i.e. be a witness and be cross examined; to attend Court to given evidence and produce documents; or to produce documents. The most common form of subpoena in [...]

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Parenting Orders Series – part 2

Part 2 – Child Abuse “Abuse of Children is abhorrent and unacceptable to any right thinking person.  Where it is found to have occurred or to be occurring, or where it is found that there is an unacceptable risk of it occurring, the weight to be given to the need to protect the child or [...]

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